Sunday, March 02, 2008

Bone Boy

bric-a-brac jungle is my story and my comic. Bone Boy is the main character but there are many others and each has their own story. Sooner, more so than later I hope, I'll introduce them here bit by bit.
About bric-a-brac jungle; I have been sitting on this story incubating it for years, it's been my pet project that always gets pushed to the side when other 'priorities' bubble to the surface. Having a full-time game job (Sony), doing freelance work for people, and taking care of my two-year-old leave little time for something like this. It's not all outside forces that have kept me from moving forward faster on this than I would like though. If I'm tired and exhausted or don't feel properly motivated then it makes little sense to try and torture myself over trying to get something out. Aggravating, but for me it just doesn't work that way unfortunately.
I have to be honest to myself though, this thing, bric-a-brac jungle, is something I must see to fruition, or die trying. It's this image burned on my brain that needs to be put to paper. Some of the characters and ideas are newer but some find their origins from over a decade ago, different stories, yet the characters and the general settings all seemed to fit together although it was never my conscious effort to do so.
My goal is to get it into something loosely related to comic book form first. It would be the best way to convey the story and it is something I could do myself (mostly). Something tangible that can be held and looked over would give others a sense for my style of characters, stories, ideas and settings. And for me personally, a proper book would be the most gratifying way to present these ideas.
Ok, enough rambling, I have a headache. If you got this far then thank you, I hope you come again to check out what's going on from time to time.

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